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Personal Driving Assessments

Recruitment Driving Assessments

The assessment is aimed at people wanting to prove a satisfactory level of driving or those who have undergone a change in their circumstances, e.g. a new baby, change of job or retired. This assessment will ensure you can continue to make the most of your leisure time and sustain a quality of life that involves worry-free safer driving. Or perhaps you simply want an honest evaluation of your skills, with a view to topping them up with further training.

The Experienced Driver Assessment is not a test. It will provide an honest, objective and completely confidential report on your driving ability at the time of taking part.
The assessment will last around 60 mins
Takes place in your own vehicle in a relaxed and informal manner
The ​assessment will include a variety of urban, rural and dual carriageway routes

Ensuring that staff are fully consulted about the organisation’s policies on safe driving, including driver assessment and training should be centric to your recruitment drive.

Everyone, including managers, should understand that your organisation expects everyone to drive within the law, safely and responsibly and that it will provide appropriate help and training to enable everyone to play their part.

Some drivers may find driver assessment or training intimidating or feel it is unnecessary, so Total Driving deliver clear and positive communication to engage with all staff.

Your company’s image and reputation can be affected, positively or negatively, by the way staff drive, especially if driving a liveried vehicle.